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That Startup Show is Australia’s number one show about startup culture. It’s an award winning live / online TV series focusing on the fast-growing entrepreneurial boom and the culture that surrounds it.

Shot in a brand new purpose built studio in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, the season is to be hosted by leading news anchors: tech editor of Gizmodo, and TV Host, Rae Johnston with award winning author and media personality Benjamin Law.  It features comedy, banter and rising startups pitching to realise their big idea,  to those who have already made an impact around the world.

This season’s theme “What, now?”  looks at the state of play in the entrepreneurial world in the wake of rapidly advancing future tech on our doorstep such as robotics, AI and the rebuilding of internet architecture with blockchain. With these technologies set to fundamentally alter the world and with the reality of inequalities and failures in tech business culture also hitting home, this has lead to a tectonic shift in the understanding of the role of tech in our lives and its impact on us, as human beings. We’re asking: where do we want to be? What kind of innovation nation are we? What kinds of companies are we creating and why?  Will they solve more problems than they create? What do we really want, and are we global competitors or collaborators? The future is bright but for who. And do we really want self driving AI flying cars anyway?

Join us as we uncover the next generation of inspiring leaders and  startups.

The Hosts

Rae Johnston

Rae is the Editor of Gizmodo Australia, focusing on science, technology, video games and “geek” entertainment. Rae is also the producer and host of Static Podcast, discussing the biggest stories in the world of technology and gaming. On television she hosts The Feed and Small Business Secrets for SBS.

Benjamin Law

Benjamin has written for over 50 publications in Australia and beyond—including the Monthly, frankie, Good Weekend, the Guardian, the Australian, Monocle and the Australian Financial Review. You can watch him as a panellist on TV shows like ABC’s Screen Time, Q&A and The Drum.

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