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How do we build a future that belongs to everyone?

This season sees our hosts trapped on the budget space cruiser “Starship Isolation” in the wake of the world’s biggest pandemic in recent history. Join Ben and Rae as they enroll some of the world’s most inspiring thinkers, innovators and leaders to explore a key question: Will we imagine a new world that will support our long-term survival in harmony with ourselves and our planet? What will that look like? What can startup culture teach us about navigating uncertainty in a time of crisis? And will we ever get sick of TikTok? The future belongs to everyone. Join us this season in exploring how we create it together.


Zebras and Llamas: The Changing Story of Entrepreneurship

In this opening season episode, hosts Rae and Ben interview Randi Zuckerberg, CEO of Zuckerberg Media & Board Member of United Nations Global Entrepreneurs Council on her passion for mentorship, shifting our collective mindset, and the unusual healing power of llamas.

Earth reporter and Digital Wayfinder George Siosi Samuels, introduces us to a new kind of innovative startup from the Pacific Rim: the ‘ Whale’.

Streaming: Wed 17 NOV 5PM PST / Thur 18 NOV 12PM AEDT



Astronauts report that the “Overview Effect” they experience when looking back at the ‘Blue Marble’ inspires a profound love of Earth so great it moves them to take action to preserve our only home in this galaxy when they return home. 

Wiradjuri Astrophysicist Kirsten Banks, Regeneration movement director and 2040 filmmaker Damon Gameau and Eytan Lenko, Chair of Beyond Zero Emissions, examine the new wave of climate innovators and thinking that has emerged to help repair Spaceship Earth and ask in this pivotal moment: is it enough? Perhaps the answer to truly saving our planet lies closer to home: reexamining our own relationship to the living world for our own ‘overview’ to effect change.

Streaming: Wed 24 Nov 5PM PST / Thur 25 NOV 12PM AEDT


Augmenting Relationships: Let’s talk about sextech!

The very foundations of how we relate to each other has been shaken. How have our attitudes to relationships changed beyond the lockdowns? When hugging and touching is off the table, what does that mean for sex? What’s the future of sex, can you hack an orgasm, and can technology help you get your freak on? Can we create a more compassionate society as a result?

Join us as we take an indepth look at the future of relationships, sextech and everything in between (the sheets) with Cindy Gallop, CEO of Make Love Not Porn, and If I Ran the World. She’s a fierce advocate for women in Tech & Business, and is known as the Michael Bay of Business (she blows sh1t up!).

Earth reporter and startup founder Chiquita Searle gives us a whirlwind wrap up on sextech innovation from around the world.

Streaming: Wed 1 Dec 5PM PST / Thur 2 Dec 12PM AEDT


The new investors

Where is the money going to come from as we look to rebuild our world through the 2020s and beyond? Are investors still looking for traditional returns or are they rethinking their concept of value? Lucy Liu, President & Cofounder – Airwallex, Sarah Kunst, Managing Director – Cleo Capital and JF Gauthier, CEO – Startup Genome talk about the real value in a valuation.

Streaming: Thurs 9 Dec 5PM PST / Fri 10 Dec 12PM AEDT


LEaders forged in crisis

We have felt the pain of an unseen enemy unpredictable and deadline. We turn to those who have braved leadership on the front line to work out how to create a new path forward, when the world is bent out of shape. What is a startup even going to look like in the 2020s? Who will lead us there? Or is it up to us, do we lead ourselves now? We speak with Damien Cave, Australia Bureau Chief, The New York Times & Manuri Gunawardena, CEO HealthMatch.

We also check in with one of our innovators on the front line, Eric Peck, CEO of Swoop Aero, a drone delivery service saving lives all over the world.

Streaming: Mon 20 Dec 5PM PST / Tues 21 Dec 12PM AEDT


The Future of Us with Awe and Wonder

For creatures who do not like change, when our very existence is challenged, human beings are remarkable when it comes to adapting to survive. Innovation and creativity are central to powering pivots, but sometimes it is at the expense of our own biology and our  collective well being. 

What is the future of us when we seek to evolve beyond our own limitations?

 Experience the wonder that is Jason Silva, television personality, filmmaker, futurist, philosopher and join us for an exciting deep dive into the world of reimagining the future of us with awe.

Streaming: Tues 20 Dec 5PM PST / Wed 21 Dec 12PM AEDT

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